DMPQ-Write down the difference in the social structure of rural India and Urban India?


Rural societyUrban society
Life in the society was very simple and reflected in the way of living, dressing, food habits, shelter and mannersLife in the city is not simple but very complex and complicate
The people in the society had homogeneity and thus enjoyed more or less the same social status.The people in the city belong to different castes, creeds, religions and cultures, thus do not enjoy the same social status.
In the rural society there was very little scope for occupational mobilityIn cities there are many occupations, so occupational mobility is as well as frequent.
Here the family played a very significant and predominantrole. Its hold was very strongIn the cities hold of families is not strong, and many functions whichthe families used to perform have been taken away by other institutions and associations.
In villages there is no fast change and as such no necessity for social adaptabilityIn the cities there must be fast mobility and adaptability to suit ever changing fast life
In the rural society culture was very deeprooted. Everyone loved culture and cultural heritage above everything elseIn the cities it is different to find pure culture.
In this society people loved nature and natural bounties. They were religious minded and afraid of gods and goddesses.In cities, people have no time to stand and gaze at the nature. They are not religious minded but more materialistic.


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