Role of external state and Non-state actor’s in creating challenges to internal security

  State actors are nations/countries which are also known as “states”. They have sovereignty over their own territory and that sovereignty is recognized on the international stage by international organizations such as the United Nations. Non-state actors are organized groups that do not hold any officially recognized territory, though they may control some territory through … Read more

Definition of Internet, search tools, web browsers, e-mail and search engines. IT applications: E-cards, E- shopping, E-commerce.

INTERNET The Internet is a global network of billions of computers and other electronic devices. With the Internet, it’s possible to access almost any information, communicate with anyone else in the world, and do much more. It’s important to realize that the Internet is a global network of physical cables, which can include copper telephone wires, TV cables, … Read more

Software and application of PC software packages: Software definition, Type of software and its Knowledge of Word processing, Spreadsheets and Power point presentation software packages

Software is a set of programs, which is designed to perform a well-defined function. A program is a sequence of instructions written to solve a particular problem. There are two types of software − System Software Application Software System Software The system software is a collection of programs designed to operate, control, and extend the … Read more

Basic element of Communication systems, data transmission mode, transmission media, network topologies, network types, communication protocols, network security mechanism.

Elements of a Communication System Elements of a communication system The above figure depicts the elementsof a communication system. There are three essential parts of any communication system, the transmitter, transmission channel, and receiver. Each parts plays a particular role in signal transmission, as follows: The transmitter processes the input signal to produce a suitable … Read more

Data, Data processing, business data processing, data storage, file management system and data base management systems.

Data, Data Processing and Database management System Data processing and data management are critical components of business organizations. DATA PROCESSING Data processing refers to the process of performing specific operations on a set of data or a database. A database is an organized collection of facts and information, such as records on employees, inventory, customers, … Read more

Definition of digital computer, Elements of computer: Input unit, Output unit, Primary memory, Secondary memory and Processing unit.

Computer is an electronic device that is designed to work with Information. term computer is derived from the Latin term‘computare’, this means to calculateor programmable machine. Computer cannot do anything without a Program. It represents the decimal numbers through a string of binary digits. The Word ‘Computer’ usually refers to the Center Processor Unit plus Internal memory. Charles Babbageis called the “Grand Father” of the computer. … Read more

Classifications, generations, applications and limitations of digital computers

Computer Classification: By Size and Power Computers differ based on their data processing abilities. They are classified according to purpose, data handling and functionality. According to functionality, computers are classified as: Analog Computer: A computer that represents numbers by some continuously variable physical quantity, whose variations mimic the properties of some system being modeled. Personal computer: A personal computeris a computer small and low cost. The … Read more

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