Paramar dynasty

Paramar dynasty In the ninth century, The Paramara / Puar / Panwar dynasty originated in the Mount Abu region of Rajasthan and later ruled over the Malwa region in central India. They ruled from their capital at Dhārānagara, the present day Dhar city in Madhya Pradesh. The Paramara rulers were appointed as governors by the … Read more

Bundelas, Sikhs, Jats and Satnamis

Bundelas, Sikhs, Jats and Satnamis Bundelas The Bundelas are a Rajput clan of central India. The families belonging to this clan ruled several small states in the Bundelkhand region from the 16th century. Mythical origin The mythical accounts of the Bundela dynasties trace their ancestry to the Suryavansha (solar dynasty). An example of such an … Read more

First Afghan Empire

Lodhi -First Afghan Dynasty All Turks are the rulers of Delhi sultanate, while Lodis who succeeded Sayyids were Afgans from 1451 to 1526. It was the last dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate. They are rulers of Pashtun (Afghan) Ghilzai tribal origin and reigned during the last phase of the Delhi Sultanate. After the last Sayyid … Read more

Mugal Empire

Introduction In the fourteenth century, the disintegration of the Mongol empire led Timur to unite Iran and Turan under one rule. Timur’s empire was spread from the lower Volga to the river Indus, including Iran, Asia Minor (modern Turkey), Trans-Oxiana, Afghanistan, and some part of Punjab. In 1404, Timur died and Shahrukh Mirza, his grandson, … Read more

Political, Social, Economical and Cultural life of Delhi Sultanate.

The Delhi Sultanate basically refers to the Muslim rulers who ruled India through Delhi. This basically came into existence after Mohammed Ghori captured Delhi after defeating Prithviraj. After Prithviraj was captured, the Delhi Sultanate went into the hands of one of Ghori’s generals known as Qutub-ud-din Aibak. During the end of the 12th century, he … Read more

Vijayanagar -Political Social, Eonomic, Religions and Cultural life

Vijayanagara empire and their contribution to art, literature and culture –  socio-economic conditions, administration, fall of Vijayanagar empire The Vijayanagara Empire, an important South Indian empire was founded by Harihara Raya I and his brother Bukka Raya I. The capital of the empire was Vijayanagara, present days Hampi in Karnataka. The empire ruled from 1336 … Read more

Disintegration of Delhi Sultanate

Disintegration of Delhi Sultanate The fall of the Delhi Sultanate was the logical conclusion of the decline that had set in during the last days of Muhammad bin Tughluq. The indiscretion of Muhammad bin Tughluq brought into play a process of disintegration which was accelerated by the weakness and the impolitic steps of his immediate … Read more

Yadavas of Deogiri

Yadavas of Deogiri The Yadavas initially ruled as feudatories of the Western Chalukyas. Around the middle of the 12th century, as the Chalukya power waned, the Yadava king Bhillama V declared independence. The Yadava kingdom reached its peak under Simhana II, and flourished until the early 14th century, when it was annexed by the Delhi … Read more

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