Ethics Case Study 10

Case Study 10:-

You have interview in UPSC house and have to reach their in 1 hour. You took Metro. Metro is very congested but luckily you are seated. From your seat you observe that a middle aged man standing next to a girl is touching and trying to molest her. The girl is silently resisting and trying to move away from him. But the man is continuing his actions. As the metro is congested, nobody is noticing this except you.

1) In this situation, what will you do? Explain. (150 Words)

2) If you do not do anything, which values will you be compromising? Explain their importance. (200 Words)



1) First of all, I will offer my seat to that girl. It will prevent the person to make any advances to her. Secondly, I will ask the girl whether she wants to make any complaint against the person. If she wants to do that, I will make a call to the police. If she does not want to get involved into it, I will talk to other passengers and will try to pressurize the person to accept his mistake and not to repeat it in future. (But only if she has no objection as being a girl she might feel being antonyms). I will also encourage her to raise voice against this type of injustice which violates modesty of girl.

2) If I take no action I’ll violate the following values:

  1. a) Respect for women-It will become disrespect for dignity of women if I remain silent.
  2. b) Honesty-Closing eyes towards injustice amounts to dishonesty to myself.
  3. c) Courage of conviction-Standing up to misbehavior will only be true courage of conviction against all such pervert people of society.
  4. d) Empathy-Though I can see misbehaviour being done, if I do not empathise with the girl, it is a loss of humanitarianism. Therefore, all such values must be upheld in daily life for a dignified living of self and others in society.


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