DMPQ: What is a motion? What is the difference between censure motion and no confidence motion.

Motion is a tool through which parliament expresses its decision or opinion on various issues through the adoption or rejection of motions moved by either ministries or private members. The motions moved by the members to raise discussions on various matters fall into three principal categories i.e.

  1. Substantive motion
  2. Substitute motion
  3. Subsidiary motion

Diff. between Censure and No confidence motion

S.No.CensureNo Confidence
1.It should state the reason for its adoption in the Lok sabhaIt need not state the reason for its adoption in the Lok sabha
2.It can be moved against an individual minister or a group of minister or the entire council of minister.It can be moved against the entire council of Minister only.
3.It is moved for censuring the council of ministers for specified policies and actionsIt is moved for ascertaining the confidence of Lok Sabha in the Council of Ministers
4.It it is passed in the LS, the council of ministers need not resign from the office.If it is passed in the LS, the Council of minister must resigned from the office.



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