Uttarakhand ;Geographical Location


Physical features of uttarakhand

Uttarakhand‘s most parts are hilly. And it is one of the frontier states of the country.there peaks and icy glaciers ,life sustaining rivers,lush green valleys and an aura of spiritual serenity attracts people from all over the world .uttarakhand derives from the Sanskrit for north north country.

Uttarakhand is a mountainous state with only about 10 per of its total geographical area in the olains. Of the 13 districts , haridwar,udham singh nagar ,and some part of dehradun and nainital districts are in the plains while remaining areas are hilly. 90 per of the total population dependent on agriculture for the livelihood. And the economy is dependent on mountain agriculture.

The state has traditionally been divided into two parts:-

 The western half known as Garhwal

 The eastern region as Kumaon .

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