Books/Articles & Authors (Modern)

Ghulamgiri (challenged superiority of Brahmins) Jyotiba Phule
Tuhfat-ul-Muwahhidin (Gift to Monotheists in Persian) Raja Rammohun Roy
Dharma Tritiya Ratna, Ishvara & Life of Shivaji Jyotiba Phule
New Lamp for the Old (Series of Articles criticizing Congress) Aurobindo Ghosh
Doctrine of Passive Resistance (Articles in Bande Mataram) Aurobindo Ghosh
Indian War of Independence (seized by British) V.D. Savarkar
Loyal Muhammadans of India Sayyid Ahmad Khan
Tahaib-al-Akhlaq    Sayyid Ahmad Khan
Asbab-e-Bagawar-e-Hind (Held Bahadur Shah II as fool for revolting) Sayyed Ahmad Khan
Neel Darpan    Dinbandhu Mitra
How did America get Freedom Ram Prasad Bismil
The activities of Bolsheviks, The wave of the Mind, Colour of Swadeshi, Ram Prasad Bismil
Revolutionary Life     
Systematic History of Ancient India V.A. Smith
Hindu Polity    K.P. Jayaswal
Political History of Ancient India H.C. Raychaudhary
A History of Ancient India; A history of South India K.A. Nilkant Shastri
Hindu Civilization; Chandragupta Maurya; Asoka; R.K. Mookerji
Fundamental Unity of India  
History of Dharmashastra P.V. Kane
The Wonder That was India A.L. Basham
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