DMPQ: Lord Rippon contribution to Indian governance was of immense significance. comment

Lord Rippon’s political outlook was very antithesis to his immediate predecessor. He was inspired with a sense of mission and duty towards British subjects, irrespective of their nationality. His vision was modern in outlook and his steps were ingrained with forward looking outlook.

He took some steps towards liberalising administration in India. He ended the draconian vernacular press act which was the gagging act to curb the freedom of press. He brought an end to the Afghan war whose continuation had created big hole in the treasury.

He is regarded as the father of local self government in India. His resolution on local self government was a land mark. The development of local self government bodies was advocated as an instrument of political and popular education.

In 1882 Ripon appointed Hunter commission to review the progress of education in India and suggest measures for future growth. He was the supporter of illbert bill which  entails the provision of trial of British offenders by Indian   between the age of 17 and 12 were not to work for more than 9 hours a day. It prohibited employment of children less than 7years.

Hence we can conclude that Lord Rippon was modern in his outlook and brought some great changes  in Indian governance system.


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