Role of Uttarakhand in National Moments


The people of Uttarakhand played a vital role in India’s freedom struggle. From the first war of independence of 1857 to Indian independence, they participated in every sphere of movement. Kalu singh Mehra was known as first freedom fighter of Uttarakhand. They made a secret organisation “Krantiveer” in 1857 at besung champavat and carried struggle against British. Debating Club was setup in 1870 at Almora which propagated freedom awareness sentiment among people. Jawala Dutt Joshi participated in 2nd congress session in 1886 at calcutta. Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant entered in 20th centuary in freedom movement and organised Happy club in 1903. Almora congress was setup in 1912 to propagate political awareness. Victor Mohan Joshi, Badrinath Panday, Chiranzi lal and Hemchandra started Home rule league movement in the state in 1914. In 1916, Kumao parishad was organised by Govind Ballabh Pant, Hargovind Dutt and Badri Dutt Panday which spreaded movement such as Kuli Begar, Kuli Uttar, Jangal Jatt law and Bandobast syatem. This parishad was merged with congress in 1926. Gharwal congress committee was organised by Barister Mukundi lal and Ansuiya Prasad Bahuguna. They also participated in Amritsar congress session in 1919. Jyotiram kandpal, Bharav dutt Joshi and Gorkhaveer karang Bahadur particiapated in Dandi March with Gandhiji. Vimla, janki, Bagirati, Shakuntala, Savitri and Padma Joshi were active in salt satyagarh. Tiranga flag hoisted in the leadership of Vishni Devi Saha on municiple house in Almora. Malti Devi setup Desh Sewak Sangathan about quit India movement. Sarla Ben setup Laxmi Ashram in 1941 in kosani and MIra Ben setup Pashulok in Rishikesh. Newspapers and magazine also played important role. Almora Newspaper was started in kumao language in 1871. Badri Dutt Panday was an editor of this newspaper. He also published a Magazine Sakti in 1918. Gharwali was published by Vishamber Dutt chandola in 1905. Karambhumi was published by Baktdarshan and bharavdutt from Lansdown in 1939. Yugvani was published from Dehradun in 1941.

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