Uttarakhand :Transport Network

Roads and connectivity with other regions, villages and states is a big problem in Uttarakhand hill regions. The main problem is the maintenance of the roads due to heavy rainfall, soil erosion and even snow fall in certain regions. Road maintenance is usually undertaken by the PWD , in the case of hill districts the maintenance is usually done by urban local bodies and district panchayats are not involved. In terms of road infrastructure, only Almora, Pauri and Uttarkashi are linked to national highways. District roads are the fewest, but indicators to judge their quality and all-weather usage are not available.

It is important to link these districts with one another, state highways and national highways, because only after the roads are constructed is it possible to link them with the markets, which are a must for the development of agriculture and allied sectors. It is recommended that Uttarakhand should be linked with the freight corridor. Between the villages of the hill districts, a simple and cost-effective trolley system should be introduced, because road transport fails when it rains or snows. This will also help develop every district, town and village as a tourism hub and provide employment. Roads connections and

maintenance should be given priority and all the important destinations of each district should be linked; moreover, the responsibility should be assigned to a single agency at a decentralized level.


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