Uttarakhand :Power Resource

There are number of hydro-electric projects. On the rivers Yamuna,Bhagirathi , bhilangana , alaknanda , mandakini , saryu gauri , kosi and kali .out of 15,564 villages have been electrified.

Nature has given uttarakhand state unlimited water resources.natural slope of these rivers has immense potential for generation of power by utilizing the hydro-electric technology. Irrigation department has built barrages and dams over ganga , Yamuna and ram ganga rivers.


 As of march 2010,the state had an installed power capacity of 2,405.0 MW which consisted of 1,385.1 MW under state,400.0MW under private sector and 619.9 MW under centre.

 The uttarakhand power corporation limited (UPCL) ,was established to look after electricity transmission and distribution in the state.

 The transmission function was later entrusted to power transmission corporation limited ( PTCUL)

 UTTARAKHAND JAL VIDYUT NIGAM LIMITED ( UJVNL) controls the state power generation.

 The state‘s power sector is regulated by the uttarakhand electricity regulatory commission (UERC).

 Uttarakhand is being developed as an ‗energy state‘ to tap its huge hydro electric power ( HEP) potential of over 20,000 MW .state increase its capacity to 5,000 MW by 2011-12.

 State supported the development of alternate sources of power generation such as solar energy and energy from bio-gas plants.

 Uttarakhand has a small hydro potential of about 1,500 MW .together with large HEP,the projects allocated amount to over 12,700 MW.


Construction work of hydroelectric projects in uttarakhand commenced in 1960.power was generated in 1965 by constructing dapathar barrage, power channel and dhalipur and dhakrani powerhouse over Yamuna river.


Project installed capacity(MW)

Chhibro 240

Khodri 120

Dhakrani 33.75

Dhalipur 51

Kulhal 30

Khara 72

Maneri bhali stage-I 90

Chilla 144

Pathari 20

Kalagarh 198

Khatima 41


Project installed capacity (MW)

Tehri dam project 2400

Vishnu prayag project 400

Srinagar project 330

Maneri bhali stage-II 304

Lakhwar vyasi project (420mw) are under construction.but heldup for the last twelve years or so for want of funds.about 40% work is complete.


The power station is a run-of-river scheme with an underground power plant.its a first station in the north india and was commissioned in the year 1975,the power station draws water from lchari dam located on the river Tons,one of the major tributary of river Yamuna.

The water from lchari dam is fed into the power station through a 6.2 km lomg head race tunnel.design energy is 750 MU with a design head of 110m.

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