Uttarakhand :Minerals

Mineral resources contain rocks – quartzite ,marble, and various types of schist and gnesiss.the southern division contains rocks such as gneiss , limestone,phyllites,quartzite,sericite-biotite schist and slate.

Some of the important minerals of uttarakhand :

 Asbestos

 Copper

 Graphite

 Lead

 Building stone

 Magnestic

 Iron

 Gold

 Slate

 Sulphur

 Soapstone or steatite

 Graphite

 Gypsum

 Limestone

 Bitumen

Beside of these some other mineral resources play a major role in enhancing the economy of uttarakhand.

 Antimony

 Lignite or brown marble

 Silver

 Arsenic

 Mica etc.

Mineral resources in uttarakhand is found in abundant. Through these mineral resources that uttarakhand is striding forward in this competitive world.


MAGNESITE : the biggest magnesite store of india is present in kumaon region of uttarakhand .it is also found in abundance in chamoli district of garhwal region.magnesite mostly found in jhirauli,devaldhar,tapovan, pokhari , belakuchi , joshimath ,mandakini valley , pinder valley etc. The first furnace of magnesite project started functioning on 26th October,1977 at chandak.

Magnesite has a large utility ,it is used on a large scale in the big furnaces of iron ,steel and cement factories as heat-proof.various type of mix-metals are manufactured by mixing it with aluminium,copper,nickel,zink , and other metals.it is also used in purifying oil and manufacturing acid.

CHALK: magnesite and chalk are generally found together because these have genetic relation. Found in hilly areas of jakhera , aagar- girichhina , lohar valley , muwani , devasthal , kanda , rai-aagar ,tarosi and huyena regions of chamoli tehsil. Chalk is used in making statues , decorating things , pesticides , fertilizers ,craft-paper , electric appliances , and greasy powders.

LIME-STONE AND MARBLE : is found in kumaon and garhwal.it is present in abundance at ookhimath tehsil , alakhanda valley in the

middle of pinder and lohaba strip , adjoining areas of tehri and dehradun, near neelkanth and east of rishikesh.also largely found at Gangolihat of pithoragarh district and in nainital and almora districts . marble is found in alakhanda valley of chamoli tehsil and virahi ganga valley.

ROCK PHOSPHATE: the digging of rock phosphate in mussourie and tehri-garhwal is being done by ‗pyrites phosphates &chemical limited.it found at durmala , kimoi , masarana , mal devata and chamasari.recently found in nainital district.mineral used in fertilizer industries and for the treatment of acidic soil.

GOLD: it is achieved from the sands if sharda and ramganga rivers, and form of particles in the sands of pindar of alakhanda and sone rivers . it is a costly metal. Gold is used in making medicines , electro-plating , photography , to polish the glass-bangles and making ornaments.

IRON: it is found at ramgarh , kaladungi of nainital district , chandpur patti of garhwal , rajbaguna , kaliphat dudhatoli , chopra , lohagaon , dasoli etc

COAL: its digging work is being done in kumaon and garhwal regions of uttarakhand . the digging of coal is being done in kumaon and gaehwal regions under the direction of Indian geological survey department.

STONE AND SLAB : in ancient time ,the stone used in the roofs of houses of hilly region-represents that it is found everywhere in uttarakhand. Good quality of slabs are found in almora.used for construction of roof , courtyards , drains , roads etc.

LEAD: found at chandak , devalgarh , ralam and bhainskhal of pithoragarh , ranei of almora , Nagpur region of garhwal , kuma-burela and mughaul in tonse river valley of dehradun district.it used in transport appliances and fertilizers.its a heavy and elastic metal.

GYPSUM: found near khiyarkuli and bhata villages in dehradun .dhapila( nainital),kharari,laxmanjhula,gudhthani regions.

SULPHUR: it is found near sutaul village 50 km east of nandprayag.

URANIMUM: found in tehri-garhwal region.

SILVER: small quantity in almora .

TALC: it‘s a very soft mineral.found in pithoragarh and almora.used in making talcum powder ,paints ,soap ,pesticide powder , textile and paper etc.

ASBESTOS: found in garhwal ( ookhimath and kandhera)and almora.chiefly used in cement manufacturing and electric appliances.its capacity to bear high heat-stroke and doesnot react too much chemical reaction due to this it used in industrial area on a large scale.mixture of lime and magnesium is found in it.]

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