Uttarakhand :Fishing

Fishing is an important part of the economy of uttarakhand.apart from agriculture,industries and tourism,fishing also plays on integral role in the economy of the state.

The geography of uttarakhand presents topographic variations in many parts of the state, which hinders the prospects of agriculture in uttarakhand. Fishing seems to be the most convenient option for the people residing of uttarakhand .many regions of uttarakhand have ample number of lakes that largely contributes towards the fishing industries.

Among the important fishes found are:

 Mulley

 Monstrous goonch

 Tengra

 Butchwa

 Indian trout etc.

The cities of nainital,dehradun etc are famous for housing a number of lakes.these largely enhance the prospects of fishing in uttarakhand.some important lakes that has helped in the proliferation of the fishing industry are :

 Bhimtal lake

 Roopkund

 Naini lake etc.

the rivers in uttarakhand also are susceptible towards fishing at uttarakhand.some of the rivers that help the fishing industry of uttarakhand are:

 Ganga

 Bhagirathi

 Alaknanda

 Yamuna

 Sharda

 Kosi

 Ramganga etc.

Beside supporting the economy of uttarakhand ,fishing in uttarakhand also seems to be a major activity for the tourists.the beautiful lakes and the rivers found in uttarakhand motivate the tourists to indulge in fishing.the fresh water fishes ,as well as the fishes of the lakes largely attract the tourist interest.

Some of the important destinations for fishing in uttarakhand are :

Phoolchatti and vyasghat etc.

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