forests of uttarakhand

The forests of the state have been divided in many regions. The inspection of each forest region is done by the conservator of forest. Conservator of forest who manages the whole forest areas of the state. There are many circles in each forest region. Each circle is divided into various forest areas and sub-areas whose officers are Forester, Deputy Forester, Ranger or Assistant Ranger etc.

Forest related education is given at ‘Indian Forest College’ (established in 1878) situates at Dehradun. Name of this college is Forest School of Dehradun. Now there are many organisationslike:

  • Forest research Institute (Dehradun in 1929)
  • Uttarakhand Forest Corporation(Kulagarh in 1st April 2001) etc.


Three type of forests are found in uttarakhand

  1. Sub-Himadri & Himadri Forests :  These type of forest are found  between 2900 metres to 3500 metres. Such regions are not suitable for trees. Thorny small bushes of Junipur ,Madhumati creepers etc are found in these forests. These forest has heavy rain and trees are situated on hilly slopes.
  2. Wet & Equal sub-tropical Forests of Himalayas :  These forests are found in the midst chir and sub-Himadri forest regions from the height of 1600 to 2900 metres.itsa evergreen forest belong to thorny species .famous trees are  – Deodar , Beech , Birch along with Chinar, Elm , Rododaidron , chestnut , Maple etc.
  3. Chir Forest of Sub – Temperate Region : Forests are found in lower Himalayan region between the wet-even tropical forests and damp leafy forest region of Torrid Zone.

Protection of forests :

Due to growth of population and economical reasons ,the pressure on the forests is increasing always .As a result – violation of forest rules , theft of forest product , illegal cutting of forests , illegal hunting etc. Armed anti- social element cut the forests illegally and hunt in the forests without become necessary to strengthen the security measures for the protection of the forests. The inspection and Supervision of the forests , 31 Armed Protection group and two protection groups , in which 117 ex-soldiers may be appointed.


Industrial & Pulpwood Forestation :

Two projects respectively to plant such species of trees which have economic and industrial importance and forestation these species of trees have rapid growth . ‘industrial& Pulpwood Forestation Project’ was launched . according to this projects – wood based industries – match-making , plywood ,hard-board , pertical- board ,packing  case , catechu ,furniture etc. and  for the supply of necessary items of such industries .


The running projects in forest department prior to 1991-92 are –

  1. Arrangement of trees on both sides of roads
  2. Survey and development of small forest product
  3. Re- emancipation of low category forests. These projects have been-included in ‘ Industrial pulpwood forestation project.’


Development of Forest-parks:  The important forest park is increasing day by day due to noisy environment of cities and polluted atmosphere. forest department has launched this project  purpose is Forest –parks, picnic-spots etcbeing constructed .

Ramganga water origin regional valley project :  Various  soil- preservation programmes such as land reform , development of pastures , forestation are being done by the forest department at kalagarh in Ramganga.

Soil preservation work in the region of Tehri Barrage water origin : soil preservation and forestation programmes were started in the last phase of 1992 -93.

‘ApnaGaonApna Van ‘ project was started to correlate the villages with forests  , according to this project  the trees of saal , sagaun , pine etc.


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