Forests OF Uttarakhand 2


Forests play an important role in the preservation of the earth and water and give protection to wild animals and make our lives blessed.

Uttarakhand are rich in forest resources. Forest area in uttarakhand is around 34, 84,803 hectares (61.43%).  There is 2000 medical herbs are found and near about 60 crore yearly income from forest.

The forest area of uttarakhand can be divided into six parts:

  • Reserved Forest
  • Protected Forest
  • Unclassified Forest
  • State Forest
  • Communal Forest
  • Private Forest

The process for forest preservation started in uttarakhand in 1800 A.D. it was banned to cut ‘saal forests’ in some parts of Dehradun, Kumaon and in marshy regions but from 1855 to 1861, forests were cut on a large scale. As result, the commissioner of Kumaon Mr. Ramsay tried his best first time to preserve the ‘saal forests’. In 1884, first ‘Action Plan for Forest Department’ was set up for scientific management of the forests.but large number of forest is destroyed due to second world. Govt made different development programmes after Independence.

  • In 1948 , ‘ Central Forest Council ’ was set up and Van Mahotsava programmes were launched on a large scale in 1950.
  • In 1952 , National Forest policy was fixed for the management of different programmes for forestry. In this series there is various development programmes :- a forestation , plantation, improvement in forest information, bordering of forest areas, making list of forest resources and work for making action plans were performed.


  • In 1952 for the protection of wildlife, ’Indian wildlife Council’ was set up seeing the importance for the preservation of wildlife.


  • Forests were under the protection of central Government but in 1935 , these forests became the property of the state Government.


The organisation of the forest department in the state is generally the following types  :-

  1. Chief conservator of forests
  2. Conservator of forests ( Area Inspector)
  3. Deputy (Forest officer)
  4. Forest Ranger or Assistant Ranger
  5. Forest Inspector
  6. Forest guards



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