Animals and birds of Uttarakhand

Animals and birds

The diversity of animals and birds depends to some extent on the diversity of Florae. Different type of animals and birds are found in uttarakhand.  They are of different species.

Water animal ( Fishes ) :Mahaser , Hilsa , saul , sauli , Taengana , Parina , Raesela , vital , Rohu , Mrigal , Katta ,Labi , Mangur , Kyuchia , Eel , singhi , Mirror-carp and trout etc. .Frog and Toads.

Reptiles : Bamania , pit viper , Lizard , lguana , Cobra , Tortoise , Krait , Dhamin , and Crocodile .

Flying Birds :  Bat , Mole , Porcupine , Squirrel , Rabbit , Mongoose , cow , Buffalo , Goat , Sheep and Pig .

Other Animals and Birds:

Lion , Panther , Hilly Leopard  , Sāmbhar , Cheeta , Kaker , Black deer , Elephant , Neelgay , Black- grey bear , Hilly goat , Hilly sheep , Boa , Hyena  , Wild dog etc. .

Birds like:  Cock- peahen, partridge , Quail , Duck , Nightingale , Goose and Crane and generally found.

Some wild animals of uttarakhand are becoming extinct .therefore , hunting of wild animals has been banned .

Government of India passed ‘ Indian wildlife act in 1972 :- special arrangement has been made to protect those species of animals about whom there is a danger of extinction .complete ban has been imposed for the hunting of protected animals and it has been declared punishable crime.

‘Indian Wild Animal Board’  is famous Institute on this subject which advises to the central government from time to time . ‘Forests and Wild animals ‘ ( under 42nd amendment) have been brought under Concurrent List accordingly the State and central government can take step for the protection of them.

Various Sanctuaries have been established for the protection of rare species of animals in uttarakhand.  Like –

Nanda Devi Park and ‘Development of Muskdeer Farm ‘ project  was  accepted in 1990-91.

Compact Management of Animals Sanctuaries ( 1981-82): according to this project  the development activities of ‘Animals Sanctuaries of uttarakhand’,  Kedarnath  Animals Sanctuary’, Valley of Flowers’ and National Park kaimoor  etc. has been included in this project. ‘ Tiger Watch Project ‘ has been also included in 1991-92.

‘Corbett Park Tigers ‘ ( 1983)  for preservation , nourishment , breeding and study of extinct tigers in uttarakhand.

‘ Rajajee National Park ‘ (area 8.20 sq)  : including Rajajee , Motipur , and  Chillawildlifes sanctuaries at Dehradun , Saharanpur , and Pauri- Garhwal.

‘Snow-Leopard Project’ ( 1990-91)  for preservation of extinct Snow-leopard.



A large quantity of leather is produced from the dead bodies of the animals in uttarakhand .for good qualities of leather, it is necessary the use of scientific method of tanning for the skins of dead animals.for this purpose, centre for dead bodies ‘uses has been established at Dehradun .


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