07.09.19 Uttarakhand (UKPSC) Daily Current Affairs



  • Roorkee bags Rs 20 lakh award for being cleanest in state


  • The municipal corporation of Roorkee bagged the Atal Nirmal Nagar Puraskar (ANNP) for being the cleanest town in the state. The civic authority also received Rs 20 lakh as prize money for the achievement.


  • Half of the prize money would be spent for the welfare of sanitation workers in the town.


  • Roorkee has been adjudged as the cleanest town in Uttarakhand for the last three years under the Swachh Survekshan of the Union government.Incidentally




  • Indo-Lanka Joint Naval Exercise SLINEX 2019


  • The annual Joint Indo-Lanka maritime fleet exercise – SLINEX 2019 is scheduled to be held from 07 September 2019.


  • Sri Lankan Navy is sending two ships to India to participate in the exercise with the Indian Navy.


  • The offshore patrol vessels, SLNS Sindurala and Suranimala left Trincomalee on are scheduled to arrive at the port of Visakhapatnam.


  • The week-long exercise will be attended by 323 Sri Lankan navy personnel including the commanding flag officer of the naval fleet.

·         Zimbabwe former President Robert Mugabe passed away

  • Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe passed away in Singapore at the age of 95 on 6 September. Mugabe is a country’s independence struggler. He was receiving treatment in a hospital in Singapore since April.


  • After the independence movement resulted in 1980, Mugabe was elected as the nation’s 1st black prime minister until 1987. He was ousted in a military coup in 2017 after 37 years in power.


·         Russia to conduct 2019 Exercise TSENTR

  • Exercise TSENTR 2019is a component of the annual exercises part of the Russian Armed Forces like an annual coaching cycle. Exercise TSENTR 2019 is conducted by the Central military commission of Russia. This year the exercise is planned to be held between 9-23 September at Donguz coaching ranges in Russia.


  • TSENTR 2019 aims to evolve drills and give practice to the participating armies in the fight against the scourge of international terrorism.It also aims to ensure military security in the strategic Central Asian region. The exercise will also focus on evaluating the preparedness of the level of the troop, the acquisition of the required skills and raising the level of interoperability and demonstrate the readiness of the participating armie


  • Communications from lander ‘Vikram’ lost: ISRO


  • In a huge disappointment, communications from Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram lander to ISRO’s ground station here was lost before touchdown while the nation eagerly awaited its soft landing on the hitherto unexplored lunar south pole.


GK bit : Mission Chandrayaan 2

  • The primary objective of Chandrayaan 2 is to demonstrate the ability to soft-land on the lunar surface and operate a robotic rover on the surface. Scientific goals include studies of lunar topography, mineralogy, elemental abundance, the lunar exosphere, and signatures of hydroxyl and water ice.


  • The lander, named Vikram, has a mass of 1471 kg (including the rover), and can generate 650 W of solar power. The lander can communicate directly to the Indian Deep Space Network, the orbiter, and the rover. The lander will carry a camera, seismometer, thermal profiler, Langmuir probe, and a NASA-supplied laser retroreflector.


  • The rover, Pragyan (also Pragyaan), is a 6-wheeled vehicle with a mass of 27 kg that runs on 50 W of solar power and can travel up to 500 m at a speed of 1 cm per second. The rover communicates directly with the lander. the rover will hold cameras, alpha-proton X-ray spectrometer, and a laser-induced ablation spectroscopy experiment.


·         India ranks 9th among the top 10 individual nations in gold reserves

ð  The World Gold Council (WGC) released the 2019 list of gold reserves. The country who topped the list was the United States(US). They have gold reserves of 8,133.5 tonnes, followed by Germany (3,366.8 tonnes) at second place. India entered the top 10 list this year ranking at 10th spot surpassing the Netherlands (612.5 tonnes) it ranked 9th position in terms of individual countries with 618.2 tonnes, as the International Monetary Fund(IMF) ranks third (2,451.8 tonnes) in the gold reserve list.

ð  India’s gold reserve grown from 357.8 tonnes in the first quarter of 2000 to 618.2 tonnes at present. India’s neighbouring country Pakistan 45th position (64.6 tonnes) in 2019 list.

·         Forty new Vande Bharat Express trains by 2022

  • India will have 40 newVande Bharata Expresstrains by 2022. Indian Railways finalized the timeline for manufacturing them again and started a tendering process for the purpose.
  • The production was stopped over allegations of favoritism and lack of transparency, earlier this year. The railway board has now started the tendering process for resuming manufacturing after railway minister Piyush Goyal’s intervention.
    A tender will be out by October for the propulsion system of the trains.
  • Two rakes of Vande Bharat Express are currently available for operations and one of them runs between Delhi and Varanasi.



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