19.10.22 UKPSC Daily Current Affair

Uttarakhand to launch ‘paryatan veers’ now
The Uttarakhand tourism department has planned to set up what it has termed a ‘tourism force’ to aid visitors coming to the Himalayan state.
Titled ‘paryatan veers’, the personnel will interact with hotels and resorts and keep an update on the staff working there.
Climate Transparency Report 2022
The Climate Transparency Report provides a concise overview of the key facts and figures on the state of climate performance of the G20 in a comparative stocktake.
The analysis covers adaptation, mitigation and finance, with 20 detailed country profiles of all G20 members and a summary of key findings. In 2022, the report especially highlights the link between the climate emergency and energy crisis.
Developed by experts from 16 partner organisations from the majority of the G20 countries, the report informs policy makers and stimulates national debates. Thanks to comparable and concise information, the Climate Transparency Report serves as a useful reference for decision makers and actors, and also for those central for climate for whom climate is not central.
Government launches National Curriculum Framework for education of children aged 3-8 years
Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Thursday launched the National Curriculum Framework for foundational stage education of children in the three to eight years age group.
Early childhood care and education are key areas of development, according to the 2022 framework.
The NCF-2022 has four sections — the National Curriculum Framework for School Education, the National Curriculum Framework for Early Childhood Care and Education, the National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education and the National Curriculum Framework for Adult Education.
Research from across the world on education, neuroscience and economics demonstrates clearly that ensuring free, accessible, high quality early childhood care and education is perhaps the very best investment that any country can make for its future, according to the NCF for foundational stage.
The framework has listed the ‘panchakosha’ concept for education of children and its five parts are physical development (sharirik vikas), development of life energy (pranik vikas), emotional and mental development (manasik vikas), intellectual development (bauddhik vikas) and spiritual development (chaitsik vikas).
Vidya pravesh’ (entry level education) will enable learning of ethical values and cultural diversity, and interaction with the physical, social and natural environment, it said.
Centre seeks views on draft National Credit Framework
The government on Wednesday began the process of public consultations on the National Credit Framework (NCrF) which seeks to integrate academic and vocational domains to ensure flexibility and mobility between the two.
The NCrF has been proposed as part of the National Education Policy (NEP).
The NEP had envisioned the NCrF for opening numerous options for inter-mingling of school and higher education with vocational education and experiential learning, thus mainstreaming skilling and vocational education. It will also enable students who have dropped out of the mainstream education to re-enter the education ecosystem.
The NCrF proposes to seamlessly integrate the credits earned through school education, higher education and vocational and skill education by encompassing the National Higher Education Qualification Framework (NHEQF), National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQ
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