26-27.11.22 UKPSC Daily Current Affairs

Over 18,000 houses get nod for Uttarakhand under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna – Gramin
The Centre has approved an additional 18,602 houses for Uttarakhand under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna – Gramin (PMAY-G). Chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that the state was getting the benefits of “double engine” and credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union rural development minister Giriraj Singh for approving the additional houses for the Himalayan state.
“The state government is trying its best to ensure that the development plans are implemented on the ground. We are making the required efforts to take the benefits of development to the people standing in the far flung and remote areas of Uttarakhand,” CM Dhami said.
Garuda Shakti 2022: India-Indonesia joint exercise
The Special Forces of India and Indonesia commenced the joint military exercise Garuda Shakti. The exercise is currently underway in Indonesia at Sangga Buana Training Area, Karawang. The eighth edition of Exercise Garuda Shakti focuses on enhancing understanding, cooperation and interoperability between the Special Forces of both armies. The goal of the joint exercise is to advance the special forces’ skills. It also aims to share information on new weapons, equipment, tactics, techniques, and procedures, as well as lessons learned from previous operations.
The joint training will help both armies get to know one another better and share their extensive combat experience in counterterrorism, regional security operations, and peacekeeping in a global setting. The exercise serves as an important platform for maintaining friendly ties between the two nations and is another step toward ensuring regional security.
18 crore tonnes of waste need to go to meet 2026 deadline
Cities and towns have a mammoth task of completing the remediation of around 18.2 crore tonnes of legacy municipal waste in the next four years to get rid of old dumpyards. The data put up on public domain by housing and urban affairs ministry on Monday indicates that so far around 4.3 crore tonnes of such waste out of the total 24.7 crore tonnes has been remediated by government agencies.
Maharashtra and Telangana have remediated around 2.9 crore tonnes of the legacy waste, which accounts for nearly 67% of such waste treated so far across urban areas.
Even after that among all the states and UTs, Maharashtra has a maximum of nearly 4.2 crore tonnes of such legacy waste at dumpsites followed by Delhi with around 2.4 crore tonnes of waste at three sites. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Gujarat have more than 1 crore tonnes of such waste each. Only Ladakh has completed remediation of all of its legacy waste so far. The UT had only one legacy dumpsite with 1.3 lakh tonnes of such waste.
Old pension scheme will burden future taxpayers: Niti VC
Niti Aayog vice-chairman Suman Bery  expressed concern over the revival of old pension scheme by some states, saying it would burden future taxpayers at a time when India needs to focus on fiscal prudence and promoting sustained growth.
Bery also underlined the need for enhancing capital expenditure and creating a space for the private sector through fiscal consolidation.
While Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh have decided to implement OPS, Himachal Pradesh has promised to restore scheme if voted to power in the state. Jharkhand too has decided to revert to OPS.
Bery further explained that in general, state borrowing is effectively limited by the RBI so states don’t threaten the overall financial stability.
Govt launches national forest fire helpline
Nearly three years after being suggested by Lok Sabha MPs to have such an alert mechanism, the environment ministry has set up a national helpline for forest fire cases in the country. The move will help forest officials to reach the spot faster and prevent the fires from spreading.
A toll free number ( 18001 19334) – assigned for the helpline – can also be used to report cases of illegal trade and poaching of animals.
As far as forest fire is concerned, nearly 36% (2,53,151 sq. km) of the forest cover in India is considered prone to forest fires. There are 26 most forest fire affected districts, spread over 11 states, in India. The forest fire season in the country is normally from November to June with the majority of it being caused due to man-made factors.
North-eastern states show the highest tendency of forest fire with Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya and Manipur reporting highest forest fire probability in terms of its frequency.
According to the Forest Survey of India (FSI) that has been assisting state forest departments and other agencies to deal with the problem since 2004, parts of western Maharashtra, southern part of Chhattisgarh, central part of Odisha and few parts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka are showing patches of extremely and very highly fire prone zones.
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