15.02.19 Uttarakhand (UKPCS) Current Affairs



·        Economic Survey paints a picture of regional disparity

ð The economic survey report prepared by the department of economics and statistics and tabled by the State Government in the Vidhan Sabha has shown district- wise differences in parameters like Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Per Capita Income (PCI).

ð The survey indicates a 10.34 percent increase in the GDP of the state this time as compared to last year. The report projects the GDP of the state at Rs 237147 crore for the year 2018-19.

ð Haridwar district with GDP of Rs 58168.24 crore tops the list of districts while Rudraprayag with projected GDP of Rs 2510.40 crore is lying at the bottom.

ð A similar disparity is visible in the PCI figures released in the survey. Based on the Net Domestic Product (NDP), the PCI of Uttarakhand on prevalent prices is Rs 190284 which is higher than the PCI of India which is pegged at Rs 125397.

ð Among the districts of Uttarakhand, Haridwar tops the list with a PCI of Rs 254050 while with the PCI of Rs 83521, Rudraprayag district is placed at the bottom of the list.

ð Interestingly, all the mountainous districts of the state have PCI which is less than PCI of the State.

ð The survey report mentions that the infrastructure sector has a contribution of 36.83 per cent in the economy of the State. Similarly, hotel and beverages industry contributes 13.93 per cent in the economy. The contribution of communications and construction sectors is at 7.91 and 7.19 percent respectively.



  • India withdraws Most Favoured Nation status granted to Pakistan


  • India has withdrawn the Most Favoured Nation status granted to Pakistan following the Pulwama terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir.


  • A decision in this regard was taken during the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security, CCS in New Delhi.


  • Union Minister Arun Jaitley said that Ministry of External Affairs will initiate all possible diplomatic steps which are to be taken to ensure the complete isolation Pakistan from the international community.



Gk bit – MFN


  • A most favored nation (MFN) clause requires a country to provide any concessions, privileges, or immunities granted in a trade agreement to one nation to all other World Trade Organization member countries. Although its name implies favoritism toward another nation, it denotes the equal treatment of all countries.


·         European Union adds Saudi Arabia to dirty-money blacklist


  • The European Commission has added seven countries including Saudi Arabia, Panama, and Nigeriato a blacklist of nations that fail to tackle money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
  • The list now includes 23jurisdictions, up from 16.
  • Newcomers to the list are Libya, Botswana, Ghana, Samoa, the Bahamas and the four United States territories of American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam.
  • The other listed states are Afghanistan, North Korea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia and Yemen.
  • Bosnia Herzegovina, Guyana, Laos, Uganda and Vanuatu were removed.





  • The Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-Dhan scheme implemented from 15 February


  • The Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-Dhan scheme implemented from 15 February.


  • Under the scheme, workers of the unorganised sector will receive a minimum assured pension of 3,000 rupees per month after attaining the age of 60 years.


  • The workers whose monthly income is 15 thousand rupees per month or less and belong to the entry age group of 18 to 40 years are eligible for the scheme.


  • This scheme was announced in the interim Budget 2019.

·         PM Modi to launch scheme to give Rs 6,000 to farmers on Feb 24

  • PM Narendra Modi will launch the ₹75,000-crorecash transfer scheme for farmers on February 24 in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur.
  • Under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhischeme, announced in the interim budget, ₹6,000 will be given in three instalments to 12 crore small farmers holding cultivable land up to two hectares.


·         Around 307 Indian startups join Estonia e-residency scheme in 4 yrs



  • Roughly 2,300people from India have used the e-Residency programme offered by Estonia and set up over 300 companies in the European nation.
  • India is at the 8thspot in terms of the number of companies set up.
  • Started in 2014, e-Residency programme offers a government-issued digital identity that provides the applicant access to e-services in Estonia, including setting up of companies.


·         India’s fastest Vande Bharat Express flagged off by PM Narendra Modi


  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 15 flagged-off India’s first semi-high speedTrain 18” which was recently rechristened as Vande-Bharat 
  • It is launched from the New Delhi railway station.
  • The train will travel from Delhi to Varanasiin nine hours and forty-five minutes.
  • The train can run up to a maximum speed of 160 kmph.
  • Train 18 is India’s first engine-less train.


·         Ghumot is to be notified as a heritage instrument of Goa

  • Ghumotis to be notified as a heritage instrument of Goa.The announcement was made by the Art and Culture Minister of Goa, Govind Gaude. Ghumot is an indigenous earthen drum fashioned as a designed clay pot, with the skin of the monitor lizard stretched taut across the pot’s mouth, forming a drumhead.
  • The monitor lizard was classified as an endangered wildlife species and was listed in Schedule I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972, Ghumot was banned by the Forest Department of Goa. Taking forward the efforts to conserve the heritage musical instrument the government of Goa is taking steps to declare Ghumot as the heritage musical instrument of Goa.

·         Exercise Topchi was held at Nashik, Maharashtra


  • The Exercise Topchi was held at Deolali Camp near Nashik, Maharashtra.In this exercise, the Indian Army showcased its artillery firepower by using ultralight Howitzers and indigenous Swathi weapon-locating radar. Aviation and surveillance capabilities were also showcased.
  • There were a showcase of display of rockets, missiles, surveillance, and target acquisition radars, remotely piloted aircraft and hi-tech equipment in addition to gunfire. The precision displayed while delivering the explosives in the target area stunned all those present.
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