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Sanctioned projects worth Rs 1L cr for U’khand in 5 yrs: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his campaign in support of ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the upcoming Assembly elections by addressing a well attended rally at Parade Ground here on Saturday.

The PM made development the central point of his 46 minute long speech and claimed that in the last five years the Union Government has given projects worth Rs 1 lakh crore to Uttarakhand.

He emphatically asserted that it is very hard for the politicians to remind the people about the past promises made by them but he does it regularly. Modi recalled that five years ago he had said the ‘Pahad Ka Pani and Pahad Ki Jawani Pahad Ke Kaam Nahi Aate’ but in the last five years he has worked to remove this conception.

Launching an attack on the Congress party without naming it the PM said that a total of 288 kilometres of National Highways (NH) was constructed in Uttarakhand in a period of seven years of UPA rule and in the last seven years more than 2,000 kilometres of NH was constructed in Uttarakhand.

He added the UPA Government spent a sum of Rs 600 crore in NH construction in Uttarakhand while in the last seven years a sum of Rs 12,000 crore was spent on NH in Uttarakhand. Modi that two years ago only 1.25 lakh households had water connection but under the Jal Jeevan Mission this number has increased to 7.5 lakh.





Davis Cup 2021

The Davis Cup 2021 was won by the Russian Tennis Federation.


  • The Davis Cup finals happened between Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev of Russia.
  • And Daniit Medvedev won the match, taking victory to the Russian Tennis Federation.
  • The Davis Cup is also named the World Cup of Tennis as it is an international team competition in men’s tennis.
  •  The Billie Jean King Cup is the women’s equivalent of the Davis Cup. The International Tennis Federation conducts it on hard courts.
  • It first happened in 1900 as a trial between the US and Britain, and by 2016, 135 countries were participating in the tournament.
  • The most victorious countries of the Davis cup are the USA, Australia, New Zealand, where the USA has won the Davis Title 32 times, Australia has won 28 times.
  • It is a single-elimination tournament, as each match’s loser is immediately eliminated from the tournament.





INSACOG For Booster Shots


The COVID 19 Vaccine Booster Shots are recommended by the INSACOG (Indian SARS CoV – 2 Genomics Consortium) for people above 40.


  • The advice arises to counterbalance the Omicron risks in the country. The Omicron is a COVID-19 variant that was later identified in South Africa.
  • The World Health Organisation declared it a “Variant of Concern”. According to INSACOG, it isn’t easy to identify the presence of the variant in the more initial stages of its entry into the country.

Booster shots

  • The booster shots are the supplementary use of the vaccine, given after the protection afforded by the original shots begin to decline.
  • The booster shots help keep the immunity levels in people, and all vaccines have booster shots.
  • The booster shots are given after a person has completed his vaccine series to increase the protection against the virus.
  • This is because the protection against the virus decreases over some time.


The Climatic Zones of India – AGRO


Agro – Climatic Zone is suitable land for growing a particular crop type.


  • It is essential to delineate the land in the country into agro-climatic zones for sustainable agricultural production.
  • The Agro – Climatic Zone has two significant modifications – climate and growing periods.
  • The Agro-Ecological Zone has four vital variables – climate, soil types, landforms and length of the growing period.
  • An Agro-Ecological Zone is created from the Agro – Climatic Zone. The land unit acts as a conditioner to climate and length of the growing period. There are 20 agro-ecological zones in India.
  • The Indian Council of Agricultural Research began the National Agricultural Research Project to set up zonal research centres in each agro-climatic zone.
  • These centres will analyse agro-ecological requirements and cropping patterns in the regions.

There are 15 agro-climatic zones in India. They are,

  • Western Himalayas
  • Eastern Himalayas
  • Lower Gangetic plains
  • Middle Gangetic plains
  • Upper Gangetic plains
  • Trans Gangetic plains
  • Eastern plateau and hills
  • Central plateau and hills
  • Western plateau and hills
  • Southern plateau and hills
  • East coast plains and hills
  • West coast plains and hills
  • Gujarat Plains and Hills
  • Western dry region and islands.



PM To Launch Delhi Dehradun Corridor


The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to inaugurate Delhi – Dehradun corridor.


  • The PM will also launch several other projects along with the corridor, which will reduce the distance between the two cities from 248 – km to 180 – km.
  • The primary purpose of the corridor is to decongest North East Delhi.
  • The corridor will improve the Mandola Vihar Yojana of the Government of Uttar Pradesh and also the growth potential of Tronica city.
  • PM Modi will set the foundation stone for the Delhi – Dehradun corridor, which will be built at Rs 8,300 crores.
  • The project is to be executed in Engineering, Procurement and Construction mode, where the government pays the private developer for constructing roads. And the toll revenue accrues to the government.
  • The highway is divided into four sections, and Section 1 is to be developed as 6 lanes.
  • Also, it is divided into two packages where package 1 falls in the Delhi portion, and Package 2 falls in the Uttar Pradesh portion.

Exercise Ekuverin


The Exercise Ekuverin is a joint military exercise held between India and Maldives. It is held between the armies of India and Maldives.


Ekuverin means “Friends” in Dhivehi language. It is an Indo – Aryan language. It is spoken in India, Lakshadweep and Maldives.

The Exercise is being conducted between India and Maldives since 2008.


In 2019, the exercise was held in Pune, Maharashtra and in 2018, it was held in Maldives.

  • The exercise focused on enhancing inter – operability between the armed forces of India and Maldives.
  • It also included counter – insurgency and counter – terrorism operations.
  • The joint exercise in 2021, also conducted sports and cultural activities to enhance the bilateral and defence relations.


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