Districts in Uttarakhand 2

Districts in Uttarakhand 2 Garhwal Garhwal is the northwestern region and administrative division of the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand which is home to the Garhwali people. Lying in the Himalayas, it is bounded on the north by Tibet, on the east by Kumaon region, on the south by Uttar Pradesh state, and on the … Read more

Districts in Uttarakhand 1

Uttarakhand , a hill state in north India, is spread over 58,484 square kilometers. The state is located between 30° 33′ N and 78°06′ E. Uttaranchal is bounded by Himachal Pradesh in the west and by Uttar Pradesh in the south. The state shares an international boundary with two countries; in the north with China, and in … Read more

HISTORY OF MODERN Uttarakhand after Independence

HISTORY OF MODERN Uttarakhand after Independence Until 1998, Uttarakhand was the name most commonly used to refer to the region, as various political groups including most significantly the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (Uttarakhand Revolutionary Party est. 1979), began agitating for separate statehood under its banner. Although the erstwhile hill kingdoms of Garhwal and Kumaon were traditional rivals … Read more

03/04-12-2017 Uttarakhand (UKPCS) Current Affairs

UTTARAKHAND   Wild water week organised to promote winter tourism, a major step forward   In an attempt to promote winter tourism in the State, a unique ‘Wild Water Week’ organised in Rudraprayag district under the joint aegis of ‘Uttaranchal Kayaking Canoeing and Rafting Association’ and ‘Ganga Kayak School’.   Many river-based competitions during the … Read more

31.10.17 Uttarakhand (UKPCS) Current Affairs

UTTARAKHAND   Cm Rawat Exhorts To Non Resident Natives To Invest In Uttarakhand   Exhorting the non-resident Uttarakhandis to do something for their state, the Chief Minister (CM) of Uttarakhand, Trivendra Singh Rawat has said that Uttarakhand has got vast investment potential. He was addressing ‘Pravasi Panchayat-2017’, a programme organised by the Uttaranchal Utthaan Parishad … Read more

Health Care System in India and Uttarakhand.

Government of India is committed to the goal of ‘Health for All’  The obligation of the Government to ensure the highest possible health status of India’s population and access to quality health care has been recognized by a number of key policy documents.Health care system supplement in improving the health of individuals, particularly those belonging … Read more

02.08.17 & 03.08.17 Uttarakhand (UKPCS) Current Affairs

Uttarakhand   Disaster management in Uttarakhand a matter of public welfare: HC   The Uttarakhand high court, remarked that disaster management in the region, which is highly prone to natural calamity due to its fragile mountains, tectonic activity and climatic events, was a matter of public welfare. The HC had last month rapped the Centre … Read more

Introduction of History of uttarakhand

History of uttarakhand (Part 1) Uttarakhand the place which is known as ‘Land of gods’ or ‘ Devbhumi’. The Himalaya, believed to be the dwelling place of lord Shiva- the destroyer among the three principal gods of hindu trinity has drawn travellers and mystics alike since time immemorial.The names’ Manas’ ‘Kedarkhand’ and ‘ Kurmachal’ are … Read more

Sceduled Tribes: History of Uttarakhand

  Uttarakhand is a region with great ethnic diversity. Though nobody can be called a native here, there are tribes and villages of people who have no other place to relate to. They are mostly dependent on agriculture and handicrafts. The economy revolves around the fairs that are held all round the year. Uttarakhand is … Read more

Katyuri kings:History of Uttarakhand

The Katyuri kings were a medieval ruling clan of present-day Uttarakhand, India. They ruled over the Kumaon region from 800 to 1100 AD. They called their state Kurmanchal, the land of Kurma, the second Avatar of Vishnu, which gives the region its present name, Kumaon. ORIGIN Historians such as Badri Dutt Pandey believe the Katyurs … Read more

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