Ancient Tribes of Uttarakhand History

  Uttrakhand is smack in the middle of the Himalayas, with Himachal Pradesh in the West and North-West; Tibet in the North; the plains of Western Uttar Pradesh in the South and Kumaon in the East. Historically, it has been described in the ancient text of Kedarkhand to extend from Gangadwar (modern day Hardwar) in … Read more Ancient Tribes of Uttarakhand History

 History of Uttarakhand ;An Introduction

  Uttarakhand the place which is known as ‘Land of gods’ or ‘ Devbhumi’. The Himalaya, believed to be the dwelling place of lord Shiva- the destroyer among the three principal gods of hindu trinity has drawn travellers and mystics alike since time immemorial.The names’ Manas’ ‘Kedarkhand’ and ‘ Kurmachal’ are assigned to this place … Read more  History of Uttarakhand ;An Introduction

Uttarakhand ;Geographical Location

  Physical features of uttarakhand Uttarakhand‘s most parts are hilly. And it is one of the frontier states of the country.there peaks and icy glaciers ,life sustaining rivers,lush green valleys and an aura of spiritual serenity attracts people from all over the world .uttarakhand derives from the Sanskrit for north north country. Uttarakhand is a … Read more Uttarakhand ;Geographical Location

Uttarakhand :Relief and Structure

  The state has been divided Geographically in three natural divisions:-  Great Himalayas  Middle Himalayas  Hills of shivalik and Doon  Great Himalayas :- This natural sub-division is known as himadri .this part extended 50km in width whose most of the mountainranges are 4,800 to 6,000 metre high.many glaciers are found in … Read more Uttarakhand :Relief and Structure

Uttarakhand :Climate

  Climate of Uttarakhand is generally temperate but varies greatly from tropical to severe cold , depending upon altitude .different parts of the state experience temperature variations due to difference in elevation.summers are pleasant in the hilly regions but in the doon areas ,it can get very hot .it can get even hotter in the … Read more Uttarakhand :Climate

Uttarakhand : Soils

  Five main type of soil are found in the state: Tertiary soil: found in shivalik and Doon valley ,this soil is suitable for production of tea. Cord soil: the soil contains shell cysts and quarts.this is light and unproductive soil found in nainital district. Volcanic soil: the soil is found in the mountain slopes … Read more Uttarakhand : Soils

Uttarakhand :Drainage system

  Alaknanda : The Alaknanda rises at the confluence and feet of the Satopanth and Bhagirath Kharak glaciers in Uttarakhand. It meets the Bhagirathi river at Devprayag after flowing for approx. 229 km through the Alaknanda valley. Its main tributaries are the Mandakini, Nandakini, and Pindar rivers. The Alaknanda system drains parts of Chamoli, Tehri, … Read more Uttarakhand :Drainage system

Uttarakhand :Vegetation

Uttarakhand is the state located at the foothills of the snow clad Himalayas with lush green vegetation. There is a diverse range of flora and fauna habitated in Uttarakhand. The State has rich and diverse floral, faunal and microbial wealth including rare and threatened species of plants and animals. Uttarakhand’s vegetation cover is about 60 … Read more Uttarakhand :Vegetation

Uttarakhand :Wild life and Ecotourism

Corbet National Park The Corbet National Park is perfectly cradled on the foothills of the magniloquent knolls of the Himalayan range that shields the northern fringe of the country of India. The Corbet National Park made its magnanimous presence felt in the year 1936 under the designation of ‘Hailey National Park’. The Corbet National Park … Read more Uttarakhand :Wild life and Ecotourism

Uttarakhand :Minerals

Mineral resources contain rocks – quartzite ,marble, and various types of schist and gnesiss.the southern division contains rocks such as gneiss , limestone,phyllites,quartzite,sericite-biotite schist and slate. Some of the important minerals of uttarakhand :  Asbestos  Copper  Graphite  Lead  Building stone  Magnestic  Iron  Gold  Slate  Sulphur … Read more Uttarakhand :Minerals

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