Tehri Estate : History of Uttarakhand

  Tehri Garhwal gets its name from the presence of a number of forts built by the Panwar dynasty rulers in old days. It had been an epicenter of politics and economics of Uttarakhand since ages. It is surrounded by Uttarkashi district in the north, Rudraprayag in the east, Pauri Garhwal in the south and … Read more

Sceduled Tribes: History of Uttarakhand

  Uttarakhand is a region with great ethnic diversity. Though nobody can be called a native here, there are tribes and villages of people who have no other place to relate to. They are mostly dependent on agriculture and handicrafts. The economy revolves around the fairs that are held all round the year. Uttarakhand is … Read more

Role of Uttarakhand in National Moments

  The people of Uttarakhand played a vital role in India’s freedom struggle. From the first war of independence of 1857 to Indian independence, they participated in every sphere of movement. Kalu singh Mehra was known as first freedom fighter of Uttarakhand. They made a secret organisation “Krantiveer” in 1857 at besung champavat and carried … Read more

Peoples Moments: History of Uttarakhand

  Dhandak The elite strata having traditional basis of power and influence does not give opportunity in the circulation of power elite, nor it paves way for emergence of the new elites. In the feudal setup, masses did not have counter elite to challenge the ruling class. Yet there had been some sort of socially … Read more

Gurkha British War: History of Uttarakhand

  The officials were corrupt and treated the people very mercilessly, thus the morale of the people became very low and they were rendered inefficient. After the Gurkhas had established their hold over Garhwal and Kumaon, their borders came directly in touch with those of the British territory in Gorakhpur and elsewhere. They began to … Read more

Freedom Moments : History of Uttarakhand

  As the British rule was better than the Gorkhyali rule and also due to the policies to Kumaon commissioner Ramjay, the revolt of 1857 had no or minimal effect in Uttarakhand. Despite this there was an uprising in Haldwani under the leadership of Kalu Mehra considered as the first freedom fighter of Uttarakhand. With … Read more

Parmaras ; Short Introduction History of Uttarakhand

  The Parmaras established themselves rulers of Malwa in central India in 9th century, ruling from their capital Dhar. They were able to rule till 1305 when Malwa was conquered finally by Alauddin Khilji. The Parmaras are one of the 4 Agnikula clans of Rajputs. Their origin is uncertain. Various scholars have various views about … Read more

Kuninda Kingdom : History of Uttarakhand

  The Kuninda warrior clan is mentioned in ancient texts under the different forms of its name: Kauninda, Kulinda, and Kaulinda. Their coins have been found mostly in the Himalayan foothills, between the Rivers Sutlej and Yamuna. The Kuninda were therefore neighbors of the Kuluta and Trigarta clans. Their coins have the figure of Bhagwan … Read more

Katyuri kings:History of Uttarakhand

The Katyuri kings were a medieval ruling clan of present-day Uttarakhand, India. They ruled over the Kumaon region from 800 to 1100 AD. They called their state Kurmanchal, the land of Kurma, the second Avatar of Vishnu, which gives the region its present name, Kumaon. ORIGIN Historians such as Badri Dutt Pandey believe the Katyurs … Read more

 Chand Dynasty of Kumaon: History of Uttarakhand

  In the early 7th century the Chand Kingdom was established by Raja Som Chand. He continued to call his state Kurmanchal and established its capital in Champawat. The Baleshwar and Nagnath temples were built in this former capital city during the 11th and 12th centuries. Later in 1563 the capital was shifted to Almora … Read more

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