DMPQ:What is Attitude? Write down the characteristics of attitude?

Attitudes are the complex combination of things we tend to call personality, beliefs,values, behaviours, and motivations. It can fall anywhere along a continuum from very favourable to very unfavourable. All people, irrespective of their status or intelligence, hold attitudes.

Characteristics of Attitude:

  • Enduring: Integral component of personality
  • Acquired: Developed through socialisation.
  • Subject-Object relationship: Objectification of values -> attitude. It can never be
  • object free. E.g. I have (subject) a +ve attitude towards you (object).
  • They help in evaluation.
  • It can be expressed both verbally and non-verbally.
  • We get to know and understand others through their attitudes only.
  • Attitudes are subjective experience. Each individual’s attitude differs from others.
  • It conforms to the principle of consistency. We generally don’t have A1, A2 attitudes towards a thing at different point of time. Inconsistency in attitudes leads to mentaldissonance.


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