DMPQ- CHapcharKut festival.

ChapcharKut Festival which is a state-level celebration of MIZORAM state. ChapcharKut is a festival held during the period when they cut bamboo trees and are been left to dry so that they can be burnt for jhumming farming.

ChapcharKut is a celebration held in anticipation of a golden harvest. The sight of men and women dressed in colourful traditional dresses is truly spellbinding. All the people gather for a huge community fest to sing and dance to the tune of flute, cymbals, drums and gongs.

One of the greatest highlights of ChapcharKut is the popular bamboo dance called Cheraw, which features men tapping the bamboo sticks according to the rhythm of the dance and women adjust their dance moves with moving sticks.

Since Mizoram is a land inhabited by several tribes, it is a special experience to watch all the tribesmen and women coming together on a common ground to showcase their dance or musical talent. Local singers also join the fest to croon the best folk songs. Interestingly, all the performers and participants in this fest leave their footwear behind before joining the ground.

The festival is held across Mizoram and lasts for a couple of days. Everyone, irrespective of age and gender, participates in this festival with enthusiasm. Nay, everyone looks forward to be a part of this annual fest.


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