Ethics Case Study 8

Case Study 8:

Amitesh and Princy recently married and lucky enough to join same software company as engineers, under a same team leader, but they have signed a contract with the company. The team leader has started flirting with Amitesh’s wife and also started giving trouble to Amitesh in terms of putting him under lot of work related pressure. Amitesh is now asking Princy to leave the job and stay at home. Princy is just friendly with the team leader, and she thinks he is harmless. Though she has told Amitesh about this and Amitesh wants her to leave the job at any cost. After few months Princy got promotion whereas Amitesh didn’t. She is made team leader of another team and reports to manager who was her former team leader. These developments have further depressed Amitesh and lately he has started doubting his wife. However, Princy has always been faithful to Amitesh.

If you were in Amitesh’s and Princy’s place, what would you do respectively? (200 Words)


As Amitesh, I would like to openly convey to my wife about the insecurities I feel in her interaction with her boss and her subsequent promotion. I would also like to say to her I trust her lot and would only want good for her and was happy that she had got promotion, but I dint really trust the intent of her boss (my former TL) and therefore I would like her to trust me in my feelings and stay away from him since it was probably sending a wrong message to him, who was misinterpreting her friendly nature and also as it was damaging our personal relations due to my insecurities, if she wasn’t ready to leave the job, as it would be best possible outcome.

As Princy I would make my husband understand about my nature and my friendliness, which didn’t mean anything more apart from just that. I would address my husband’s insecurities by listening to him patiently and understanding it in the light of my recent promotion, it would only complicate his thought process. Since I would not like to leave the job I would for one trust my husband and keep my interactions with boss to only professional level since it would inspire confidence in my husband. However to address his deeper bias against me I would give him a plain talk about my freedom, integrity and choices, and the fact that his distrust will not help matters hence he should be more open to me interacting with male counterparts without any bias.



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