Ethics Case Study 7

Case Study 7:-

You are an Indian diplomat send to Pakistan to negotiate on Kashmir issue.The diplomat you work with Mr. Ahmad is a senior diplomat and in a decision taking position and his soft side makes him agree to some Indian demands which otherwise might not go through that easily.

The pact is to be finalized in the next week but other modalities have to be worked out. On Saturday Ahmad invites you for a dinner at a famous restaurant in Islamabad. On the way back he insists to drop you at your hotel and on the way his car hits two cyclists, injuring them fatally. You were aware that he was driving fast and thus lost control.

The police comes to investigate the matter and you are the sole witness to it apart from Ahmad and know it was a grave mistake on part of him.

Knowing the strict laws of Pakistan on road accidents, .your truthful account of incident could implicate Ahmad and that just wont be an end to his career and harsh sentence, but would also jeopardize the Kashmir pact which is of immense importance to India.

What are the dilemmas you face and will be your response to the situation?


The dilemma here is between “What is right” and “What is good”. To be right, I should tell the police authorities the truth regarding Ahmad being driving fast. To be good and in national interest, I should save Ahmad by telling a lie to the authorities.

Taking into account the consequential (teleological) theory which states that rightness or wrongness of actions are judged from the goodness or badness of consequences, I should save Ahmad considering large national interests at stake. But saving Ahmad doesnot guarantee that border pact will be finalised and national interests will be served. Moreover, I should ask myselfwhat’s the effect on the society if everybody starts doing the same?

There will be complete mismanagement in society and higher officials will be encouraged to break laws and rules as if there are immune to punishment.Also, in the long run, there remains a possibility that border pact for which I lied, will not be finalised due to untoward situations.Now considering the deontological theory of ethical behavior which states that I should perform my duty without considering its consequences, I should speak truth and bring justice to the cyclists. So I will be truthful to the concerned authorities aboutAhmad being driving fast.



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