Ethics Case Study 6

Case Study 6:-

You have completed IAS probationary training and come to visit your 89 year old grandmother who stays in a remote backward village. At home, grandmother, whom you love most is ecstatic and has made all the arrangements to make you feel comfortable.

You were received with lot of fanfare in village and there is a steady stream of villagers visiting your home to see and talk to you. One of your childhood friend belongs to Scheduled Caste, much excited, rushes into the room where you are taking rest while your friend and villagers belonging to his caste are still observed as untouchables in the village.

Your grandmother inside the room sitting next to you, gets very angry and abuses him. She asks him to get out of the home immediately and accuses him of polluting the home and you. She insults him in front of you.

Your grandmother has committed an offence under section 7(1) of the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955. It is also an offence under SC/ST act 1989.

In this situation, what should you be doing?


My grand ma has violated the rights act as well committed an offense and that too in my house and family also it came to mynotice that our village community do treats the minorities the same way as my grandma. Being a responsible civil servant I would be thankful that the incident took in my house and taking the advantage of the situation.

At first I would explain my grandma her wrong behavior and treatment to my friend and make her realize the consequence of it. I would strongly regret condemned these and make my grandma apologize him for such wrong did.

Secondly as it came to my notice that our village community do treats the minorities the same way as my grandma, being a responsible civil servant I would hold a meeting in the village about such orthodox and nuisance, explain and make them understand of their wrong did, and its consequences and make sure that these does not happen again.

As far as my law enforcing actions are concerned it is important to understand that the grandma and villagers follow blind orthodox of castism, also they are illiterate to the laws and offense, so instead of responding with severe action I would endure to guide them, enlighten them with the paths of harmony and national integrity.

Because changing and protecting the nation lies not in enforcing laws against crimes but by preventing it.

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