Ethics Case Study 3

Case Study 3:-

There is a district notorious for kidnapping cases and you are serving as Superintendent of Police (SP) of the same. In one case, 15 school girls have been kidnapped and hidden in an unknown place. You got confirm information from your investigation that also, in previous cases, girls were kidnapped, they were sold to prostitution racquet in a foreign country. Your team, under your guidance tracks the kingpin of these kidnappings and arrests him. During routine interrogation, the arrested kingpin do not reveal any location names nor does he talk about anything related to kidnappings while, your sources clearly tell you that he is the one behind all kidnappings. After using all legal methods to get information from him, your efforts have not yielded any result. One of your SP friend from another district, suggests you to torture the kingpin to get information. You are aware of the situation that the girls might be sold and trafficked to a foreign country if you further delay investigation.

1)What will you do in such a situation? Is it ethical to torture a person to save other innocent lives? Critically comment.(200 Words)


Since, the sources have given the clear information that this person is behind the kidnapping of girls I will continue the interrogation of the accused using all legal means within my jurisdiction. At the same time I will take following steps to trace the location of girls and ensuring their safety.

  1. The different teams will be formed to trace and nab the other members of the racket by checking the previous records of history sheeters or any member associated in the past with him.

2.The cell phone or land line phone call history can be taken from the respective telecom company to check for any breakthrough in the case.

3.The police sleeper cell (mukhbir) network can be activate for any clue regarding the case.

  1. The connecting roads out of the district, railway station and the vehicle movement can be checked to stop migration of kidnapped girls.
  2. The help of neighboring district police chief can be sought in the matter.
  3. The information can be given to ports and international airports in the country to minimize the chances of human trafficking.

Since, the accused has not given any information regarding kidnapping with all possible means of interrogation. Even though I will continue with the legal means of interrogation as the accused is likely to breakdown due to continuous interrogation. It is not ethical to interrogate a person to get information by torturing as this is against the ethics and will set wrong trend in the police force and the force can be accused on the allegation of human rights violation.

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