Ethics Case Study- 15

Case Study 15: 

Anshuman is a brilliant Science Teacher in a private English medium school in Lucknow and gets yearly package of Rs.4 lakhs. Another school at Ghaziabad offers him package of Rs.4.5 lakhs. Anshuman makes a verbal commitment to the Ghaziabad school principle, “Sure,I’ll join your school from next month.“

But when Anshuman submits his resignation to Lucknow school, its Principle Mr.Pushp Raj requests him to stay and offers new package of Rs.3.8 lakhs. Should Anshuman take back his resignation? yes/no/why?



  • From ethical perspective, even verbal acceptance = contract. And contract must be honored.
  • Even if Pushp Raj’s counteroffer is higher, Anshuman has a moral obligation to remain consistent with his original intention (of joining Ghaziabad school).


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