Ethics Case Study- 11

Case Study 11: 

Aniket is working as a peon in DM’s office. Task of raising flag over the office building every morning and taking it down every evening was done by Aniket due to shortage of staff, although it is not part of his official job description.

Years ago, Aniket’s best friend was murdered during a riot allegedly orchestrated by Chet Ram (criminal turned politician). Now, Chet Ram dies due to long illness and in Condolence State secretariat passes an order to all District collectors, to keep National flag at “half-mast” over their offices, to mourn the death of the Mr. Chet Ram.

Aniket sees this news on TV and gets angry with such mockery of our National Flag. So, He decides not to go to office next morning and keeps the door key of rooftop with himself as he is confident that no formal punishment can be given to him, because this was not part of his official duty. At most Collector sir will reprimand him informally but he doesn’t care because Chet Ram killed his best friend.

Do you think Aniket has made the right decision? Yes/No/Why?

Answer keypoints

Aniket made a wrong decision because:

  1. It prevents other staff members from carrying out the ‘official’ order from StateHQ.
  2. It puts his boss in an embarrassing position in front of the StateHQ.
  3. If Aniket’s conscience doesn’t permit him carrying out a task, he should inform his boss. But running away with keys, without informing anyone = irresponsible.
  4. Such behavior is not expected from a good team player / a public servant.

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