Security challenges in border areas linkages of organized crime with terrorism.

Organised crime:

Organized crime is described as any group having a corporate structure whose main aim is to obtain money through unlawful activities often surviving on fear and corruption. Today, organized crime is business at large scale that is conducting global commerce for the trafficking of illegal services and products as well as developing the associated supply chains. Criminal organizations are conducting commerce across traditional nation-state boundaries that permit illegal groups to work in synchronisation with other like groups.

These crimes include: Bribery, Murder, Counterfeiting, Embezzlement of Union Funds, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Money Laundering, Obstruction of Justice, Murder for Hire Drug Trafficking, Prostitution Sexual Exploitation of Children, Alien Smuggling, Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods, Kidnapping Gambling, Arson Robbery, Sports Bribery Extortion, Drugs, and Theft from Interstate Shipment/Interstate.

Narcotic trafficking and Terrorism

Started as an organised crime has emerged as a threat to nation states because of its association with terrorist groups. Narcotic drugs are most profitable commodity that it generates quick money only hard cash.

  • India’s worries get magnified because India has a location between golden crescentand golden triangle which are world’s major narcotics producing and exporting regions. This unique location leads India to become a popular route for drug trafficking which can lead to rise of Narco-terrorism and finally instability in the country.
Drug Trafficking and Terrorism
  • Terrorists indulge in drug trafficking directly to support their own cause.
  • Sympathizers involve in drug trafficking and send the illegal profits to fund the terrorist movements.
  • Terrorists and drug lords join to gain access to the powers to utilise their connections with political powers.

Arm Trafficking and Terrorism

The illegal arms trafficking aids terrorists and terrorist groups operating around the world and it is central to the global war on terror. These arms are not only the weapons of choice in the majority of today’s regional conflicts but also for many terrorists and terrorist groups operating around the world.

Terrorists give protection and support to drug traffickers with fire arms, and the drug traffickers, being acquainted with the routes, assist the terrorists in border crossings to bring arms and drugs in the target country.

Human Trafficking and Terrorism

Terrorism is an expensive business, and better technology has made it easier to track money online, and Terrorist organizations not only utilize human trafficking for financial support, they also use to obtain an entry point into countries.

India is found to be both the country of origin and destination for trafficking in women. Human trafficking is not only one of the first financial steps into the transnational and trans-criminal financial network but that it is the bedrock of these criminal syndicates.

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