Role of biometric devices in security


  • Biometric devices measure biological elements (like human features) in order to perform functions, such as logging health/fitness data and authenticating users. There are many different uses for the technology and a variety of methods for its implementation. Types of biometric data include visual, audio, spatial and behavioral.

According to these characteristics, the sub-divided groups are:

  • Chemical biometric devices: Analyses the segments of the DNA to grant access to the users.
  • Visual biometric devices: Analyses the visual features of the humans to grant access which includes IRIS recognition, Face recognition, Finger recognition and Retina Recognition.
  • Behavioural biometric devices: Analyses the Walking Ability and Signatures (velocity of sign, width of sign, pressure of sign) distinct to every human.
  • Olfactory biometric devices: Analyses the odour to distinguish between varied users.
  • Auditory biometric devices: Analyses the voice to determine the identity of a speaker for accessing control.

Roles and uses of Biometric devices


IRIS and Fingerprint recognition at New delhi Terminal 4

Biometrics are being used to establish better and accessible records of the hours employee’s work.


As the demand for air travel grows and more people travel, modern day airports have to implement technology in such a way that there are no long queues.

Handheld and personal devices

Thumbprint recognition become accessible to millions with the iPhone 5S. The fingerprint sensor, also called Touch ID is used to unlock the phone, authorise payments and buy app store applications.

  • Passwords can be forgotten and recovering them can take time, whereas Biometric devices rely on biometric data which tends to be unique to a person, hence there is no risk of forgetting the authentication data.
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