State Public Service Commission

The Uttarakhand Public Service Commission was Constituted under the provisions of the Article 315 of the Constitution of India by the Governor of Uttarakhand vide Notification No. 247/1 Karmik 2001 dated 14 th March, 2001(Annexure1). The Commission came into existence on 15 May, 2001. At present the strength of the Commission is the Chairman & the Six Members.

The working of Uttarakhand Public Service Commission is regulated by the Uttarakhand Public Service Commission Procedure and Conduct of Business Rule 2013{ Framed by the Lok sewa Ayog Uttarakhand under section 11 of U.P. State Lok sewa Ayog(Prakriya ka viniyaman) Adhiniyam, 1985 Uttarakhand Anukulan awam Upantaran Adesh, 2002.)

The functions of the Commission are enumerated in the Article 320 of the constitution.

The statutory functions of the Commission are as follows:-

1. Direct Recruitment (Article 320 (1))

2. Recruitment by transfer (Article 320(3)(b))

3. Statutory rules relating to services (Article 320 (3)(a)&(b)

4. Disciplinary cases (Article 320(3)© and regulations 17(1)(a) to (e))

5. Reimbursement of legal expenses (Article 320(3)(d))

6. Wound and extraordinary pension cases (Article 320(3)(e))

In addition the Commission is entrusted with the following items of work:-

1. Conduct of Departmental Tests for several departments.

2. Conduct of examination for admission to RIMC, Dehradun.

3. Conduct of Half yearly examination for IAS and IPS Officers and Proficiency tests for AIS Officers.

4. Watching of temporary appointments exceeding 3 months and according concurence for their continuance

5. Consultation in cases of appointment of contract extending over 5 years .

Under Article-321. of Constitution of India ,an Act made by  the Legislature of Uttarakhand  may provide for the exercise of additional functions by  the Uttarakhand Public Service Commission as respects the services of  the State and also as respects the services of any local authority or other body corporate constituted by law or of any public institution.

The expenses of the Uttarakhand State Public Service Commission, including any salaries, allowances and pensions payable to or in respect of the members or staff of the Commission, shall be charged on the Consolidated Fund of Uttarakhand.

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