Mains Test 1: Indian History, Culture and National Movement


Note : There are 15 questions in this part. All questions are compulsory. Each question carries 02 marks.

Question 1:- Question 1 has ten objective type questions, each of two marks (10×2=20 marks)

  1. Explain the Characteristics of Neolithic pottery .[Answer Limit-20 words]
  2. What does Sanskar Vyavasta stands for? [Answer Limit-20 words]
  3. Pashupati [Answer Limit-20 words]
  4. Royal Naval Mutiny [Answer Limit-20 words]
  5. Explain Chalco-lithic Age ? [Answer Limit-20 words]
  6. Explain the causes of Dhol Palki Movement.[Answer Limit-20 words]
  7. State the Consequences of First Battle of Tarain [Answer Limit-20 words]
  8. Define features of Indo-Islamic Architecture.[Answer Limit-20 words]
  9. Explain the term Tolkāppiyam .[Answer Limit-20 words]
  10. Briefly explain the importance of Puniyagiri Mela. [Answer Limit-20 words]
  11. Legend of Rani Karnavati. [Answer Limit-20 words]
  12. Who was Shankradeva? [Answer Limit-20 words]
  13. Coolie- Begar Movement [Answer Limit-20 words]
  14. Alvars and Nayanars Saints [Answer Limit-20 words]
  15. Explain the main features of Dravidian Architecture. [Answer Limit-20 words]



Note : There are 10 questions in this part. All questions are compulsory. Each question carries 05 marks.

  1. Bring out the importance of Nehru Report .[Answer Limit-50 words]
  2. Explain in brief the political and economic experiments of Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq .[Answer Limit-50 words]
  3. What were the main causes for the decline of Gupta Dynasty?[Answer Limit-50 words]
  4. Explain the concept of Sajda and Paibos .[Answer Limit-50 words]
  5. What are the main features of Shotiya Tribal Folk Dance. [Answer Limit-50 words]
  6. Explain the role of Kumaon Council in the development of Nationalist feelings in Uttarakhand. [Answer Limit-50 words]
  7. How does the Khilafat and Non Cooperation Movements brought Muslim League and Indian National Congress to the same table? [Answer Limit-50 words]
  8. Explain the economic effects of the policies of British Rule in India.[Answer Limit-50 words]
  9. What were the main causes of Tana Bhagat Movement?[Answer Limit-50 words]
  10. Explain the Doctrine of Lapse. [Answer Limit-50 words]



Note : There are 07 questions in this part. Candidate should attempt any 05 questions. Each question carries 08 marks.

  1. Write and outline of the role of Prominent Freedom Fighters of Uttarakhand in the Indian Independence Struggle [Answer Limit-125 words]
  2. Explain in detail about the Market and Military Reforms of Allauddin Khilji. [Answer Limit-125 words]
  3. Why were the first and third of the Round Table Conferences boycotted by Congress? [Answer Limit-125 words]
  4. How does the Stratification in Vedic Society ultimately lead to the development of Caste system in Society? [Answer Limit-125 words]
  5. Bring out the importance of maritime trade in Cholan Economy. [Answer Limit-125 words]
  6. What were the main aspects of Ashoka’s policy of Dhamma ? [Answer Limit-125 words]
  7. Bring out the cultural achievements during the reign of Harsha Vardhan. [Answer Limit-125 words]



Note : There are 07 questions in this part. Candidate should attempt any 05 questions. Each question carries 16 marks.

  1. Why was tripartite struggle for Kannauj a great importance for Indian History? [Answer Limit-250 words]
  2. Islamic scholar’s left a detailed account of Indian Medieval History,Culture,Polity and Economy. Critically Analyse. [Answer Limit-250 words]
  3. What were the main causes and effects of the Growth of Vernacular Press in Uttarakhand? [Answer Limit-250 words]
  4. Bring out the brief outline of the Ancient warrior clans of Uttarakhand. [Answer Limit-250 words]
  5. Give a brief note about the folk songs and dances of Uttarakhand. [Answer Limit-250 words]
  6. Revolt of 1857 is neither the first, nor national, nor a war of independence. Critically evaluate. [Answer Limit-250 words]
  7. Discuss critically the causes of the decline of the Mauryan Empire. How far was Ashoka’s policy of Peace and dhamma responsible for it ? [Answer Limit-250 words]

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