DMPQ-Throw light on key findings of Global Food Security Index 2021. Critically Evaluate India’s status as well.

The Global Food Security Index 2021 was released and has been news.  India ranked 71st on the Global Food Security index 2021 of 113 nations. Pakistan (with 52.6 points) scored better than India (50.2 points) in the category of food affordability. Sri Lanka was even better with 62.9 points in this category on the GFS Index 2021.

  • Ireland, Austria, the UK, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, France, and the US shared the top 10 ranks with the overall GFS score in the range of 77.8 and 80 points on the index.
  • Burundi, Yemen, Mozambique, Sudan, Malawi, Ethiopia, Syria are among the worst performers according to the index. Data from several other countries were unavailable for comparison.
  • But the findings of the GFS Index 2021 also showed that global food security has decreased for the second year in a row after seven years of progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal of achieving zero hunger by 2030. It shows that the countries did make significant improvements in addressing food insecurity in the past 10 years, yet the food systems remain vulnerable to economic, climatic, and geopolitical shocks.
  • More action is needed at all levels, local, national and international, to bring an end to hunger and malnutrition, and to ensure global food security- which is a basic right of every human.

India held the 71st position with an overall score of 57.2 points on the GFS Index 2021 of 113 countries.  India performed better than-  Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh But are way behind China (34th position).

In the case of availability of food, quality, and safety as well as protecting natural resources for food production, India scored better than Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.  In the food affordability category, Pakistan (52.6 points) and Sri Lanka (62.9 points) scored better than India (50.2 points).

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