DMPQ- Discuss the threats posed by external state actors for India’s internal security.


China has provided financial support, arms and sanctuaries to Naga, Mizo and Meitei extremist’s right since the British Period. The military encroachments and conflict of 1962, India was defeated and became psychologically weak. Since then, China has been astutely following a policy of strategic containment of India by regional coalitions and arming India’s neighbours Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan.


East Pakistan, Bangladesh since 1971, was host to many insurgent activities unleashed against India in the northeastern region. The anti-India operations have been largely possible because of the presence of an overwhelming illegal immigrant Bangladeshi population in the northeast. The porosity of the Indo-Bangladesh border has led to many unanticipated problems for India.


Some Burmese tribes belonging to the Kuki Chin Group are fighting for merger of lands inhabited by them with India. The Myanmarese rebels ensure that drugs are brought under their protection up to the Tamu on the Indo-Myanmar border and also upto Bangladesh-Myanmar border. The Indian insurgent groups and the Bangladesh syndicates take over from these locations and thereafter push the drugs inland.


India is facing a low intensity conflict in J&K assisted and sponsored by Pakistani military, in the North-East and through support to various fringe extremist groups within the country. India also faces huge economic challenges due to the fake currency racket. Inter-services Intelligence and Pak Military Islamic terrorist groups like the Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Harkat-ul-Jihad Islami, Jaish-e-Mohammad, and the Pakistani Taliban along with various other Jehadi Tanjims. The surreptitious activities of these apart from terrorist attacks in various parts of the country, include training and facilitation to armed insurgents by ISI in various training camps in Pakistan.

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