DMPQ-Discuss India-Japan Relations in the wake of recent Japan PM’s Visit to India for India-Japan Annual Summit.

The Tri-Service Exchanges between Japan and India have been institutionalized completing the triad. Coast Guards have had regular annual exchanges since 2006. Japan is regarded as a key partner in India’s economic transformation. In the recent past, the India-Japan relationship has transformed into a partnership of great substance and purpose.

Reaffirming the Special Strategic and Global Partnership between India and Japan, the Prime Ministers concurred that the shared values and principles enunciated in the India-Japan Vision Statement issued in 2018 are particularly relevant in the present context, where global cooperation is required more than ever to address challenges that have become more acute.

Continuing bilateral and multilateral exercises including “Dharma Guardian” and “Malabar” respectively, while welcoming the participation of Japan for the first time in exercise MILAN, as well as making efforts to increase their complexity in the future.  Both countries affirmed the importance of bilateral and plurilateral partnerships among like-minded countries of the region, including the quadrilateral cooperation among Australia, India, Japan, and the United States (QUAD).

Japan and India cultivate and maintain relationships with other countries to support their position in the global community. In today’s perilous world, the two countries are bound to one another by common interests, especially where foreign policy is concerned.

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