UKPSC Prelims Mega Tests and Notes Program

UKPSC Prelims Mega Test Series Based on the updated pattern of Uttarakhand PSC Preliminary Exam. Questions exclusively related to Uttarakhand. Extensive coverage of entire General Studies syllabus. UKPSC Mock Tests 2022: Attempt Online UK PCS Civil Services Mega Test Series and Practice Question Paper to improve marks and score well in the UKPSC Prelims.

Following are the links for Sample Tests:-

Sample Test 1- Live

Sample Test 15- Live

Why UKPSC Test Series?

  • Get Detailed Solutions for all the UKPSC Tests.
  • Compete with PAN-INDIA aspirants in the exam-like environment.
  • Get Complete Analysis with All India Rank, Percentile, Time Spent, Topper’s Comparison & Section-wise detail report.
Test 1History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Uttarakhand Live
Test 2Indian History-Ancient Period Live
Test 3Indian History-Medieval Period Live
Test 4Indian History-Modern Period Live
Test 5World Geography Live
Test 6Geography of India Live
Test 7Geography of Uttarakhand Live
Test 8Indian Constitution, Political System &Governance Live
Test 9Economic Concepts and Indian Economy Live
Test 10Economy of Uttarakhand Live
Test 11Science & Technology Live
Test 12Reasoning & Mental Ability Live
Test 13Current Affairs Live
Test 14Environment Live
Test 15Complete Syllabus Live
Test 16Complete Syllabus Live
Test 17Complete Syllabus Live
Test 18Complete Syllabus Live
Test 19Complete Syllabus Live
Test 20Complete Syllabus Live
Test 21Complete Syllabus Live
Test 22Complete Syllabus Live
Test 23Complete Syllabus Live
Test 24Complete Syllabus Live
Test 25Complete Syllabus Live
Test 26Complete Syllabus Live
Test 27Complete Syllabus Live
Test 28Complete Syllabus Live
Test 29Complete Syllabus Live
Test 30Complete Syllabus Live
Test 31Complete Syllabus10-03-2022
Test 32Complete Syllabus11-03-2022
Test 33Complete Syllabus12-03-2022
Test 34Complete Syllabus13-03-2022
Test 35Complete Syllabus14-03-2022
Test 36Complete Syllabus15-03-2022
Test 37Complete Syllabus16-03-2022
Test 38Complete Syllabus17-03-2022
Test 39Complete Syllabus18-03-2022
Test 40Complete Syllabus19-03-2022
Test 41Complete Syllabus20-03-2022
Test 42Complete Syllabus21-03-2022
Test 43Complete Syllabus22-03-2022
Test 44Complete Syllabus23-03-2022
Test 45Complete Syllabus24-03-2022
Test 46Complete Syllabus25-03-2022
Test 47Complete Syllabus26-03-2022
Test 48Complete Syllabus27-03-2022
Test 49Complete Syllabus28-03-2022
Test 50Complete Syllabus29-03-2022

Program includes following notes modules:- Click Here to Download Modules after Subscription

Crack UKPCS Prelims Module 1- Indian History
Crack UKPCS Prelims Module 2- Uttarakhand Culture and History
Crack UKPCS Prelims Module 3- General Science
Crack UKPCS Prelims Module 4- Aptitude and Reasoning
Crack UKPCS Prelims Module 5- Indian Economy
Crack UKPCS Prelims Module 6-Uttarakhand Economy
Crack UKPCS Prelims Module 7 -Environment
Crack UKPCS Prelims Module 8- Polity
Crack UKPCS Prelims Module 9- Uttarakhand Polity ,Governance and Schemes
Crack UKPCS Prelims Module 10- : Geography
Crack UKPCS Prelims Module 11-Uttarakhand Geography
Crack UKPCS Prelims Module 12 Current Affairs

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