DMPQ Premium- Write a brief description about the the composition and powers of Uttrakhand’s lokayukt.

Lokayukta investigates cases of corruption, where substantiated, recommend action. He is a great check on corruption, brings about transparency in the system, makes administrative machinery citizen friendly.

Lokayukta Composition:- A person to be elected as a Lokayukta should be one, who is or is the Chief Justice or Judge of the High Court. Or, a famous person, who has more than 25 years of expertise in topics related to anti-corruption, public administration, vigilance, finance, law and management. Maximum four members can be selected, of which 50 percent will be judicial members. But 50 percent of the members of Lokayukta will be from SC, ST, OBC, minority and women.

Special Powers of the Lokayukta 

  • Lokayukta can provide instructions for initial investigation or inspection in any case.
  • It is not possible to transfer the officer without the permission of the Lokayukta.
  • The Lokayukta will receive all the powers of the civil court while doing the investigation.
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