DMPQ Premium- . Describe the historical evolution of uttrakhand’s movement for separate state.

Uttarakhand movement is termed to the events of statehood activism within the state Uttar Pradesh which ultimately resulted in a separate state Uttarakhand of the Republic of India. Uttarakhand became a separate state off Uttar Pradesh at 9 November 2000. Throughout the year 1994, students all over the region participated in the collective movement for separate statehood and reservations. Uttarakhand movement then further intensified in the field by Anti-Uttarakhand statement of then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh Yadav. The leaders of UKD held fast-unto-death in the support of their demand for a separate state. State government employees struck work for three months, and the events of Uttarakhand movement got more inestisfied with the blockades and confrontation with the police. Uttarakhand activists in Mussoorie and Khatima were shot down by the police. Under the aegis of the Samyukta Morcha in 2 October 1994 the massive demonstrations and protests for the support of statehood took place in the national capital Delhi.

Thousands of the Uttarakhand activists marched to the Delhi to take participation in this struggle. The activists peacefully taking part in the demonstration near Rampur Tiraha crossing, Muzaffarnagar were tortured and openly fired without any warning prior to the firing. Policemen were also alleged for indecent behavior and rapes with women activists.Satya Pokhriyal was leader who leads all the people from the misshappening, other andolankari help other people and shows the bravery. Several people were killed and many were injured. This misadventure by the police added fuel to the fire for Uttarakhand movement.

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