DMPQ Premium- Write a brief description about maiti movement.

Maiti is derived from the term ‘mait’ which in Uttarakhand means married woman’s parental home. And this movement does not cost any money, but to plant a sapling by a newlywed girl while she leaves her home on the day of marriage. The groom gives some money to bride’s parents for the care of the plant as it is the memory of their daughter. The money received by the groom is not only utilized for the purpose of up-keeping the sapling but is also used for taking care of the needs of underprivileged girls of the village.

A vision of Kalyan Singh Rawat, now 60-years old, was a teacher then at the Government Inter College. He started this movement in 1995 in Gwaldam hamlet in Chamoli district of Garhwal. This movement is not limited to weddings anymore. It is also noteworthy that post-Kargil War, women of Ochati village developed a Maiti forest in collaboration with the Border Security Force to dedicate it to soldiers. This forest is known as Shaurya Van (Gallantry Forest). Even students of Garhwal University and citizens plant saplings on special occasions. On 50th Independence anniversary of India, each village planted 50 plants in Uttarakhand.

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