DMPQ:Recently Hyperloop technology was in news as Maharashtra Government approved the Virgin Hyperloop DP-world consortium and a hyperloop track between Mumbai and Pune. What is the working Principle of Hyperloop technology?

Working Principle:

Passengers or cargo are loaded on the Hyperloop vehicle that accelerates gradually via electric Propulsion through a low pressure tube. Its Vehicles are propelled using a linear electric motor, which is a straightened out version of a conventional rotary motor. The speed of conventional trains — and all land based transport — is limited by friction, both against the air ahead and the ground beneath. Hyperloop drastically reduces friction in both of these areas.

Apart from reducing friction, magnetic levitation is used to proper the capsule inside the hyperloop. The speed will be higher than the conventional mode of transportation. The fully autonomous hyperloop systems will be built on columns or tunnelled below ground to avoid dangerous grade crossings and wildlife.

The impact of this system is likely to be less severe on the environment with no direct emissions or noise.

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