DMPQ: Write in 50 words about each of the following: a) Brahmos B) Nirbhaya c) Cannister launch missile system

Q.    What is cannister launch missile system.

Ans. Cannister based launch system serve as a container for transportation and it is always easy to carry missiles in canister. It act as a housing during storage abroad a vessel. This system will give the forces the operational flexibility to promptly transport ballistic missile and launch it form place of their choice.

Q.    Brahmos

Ans   Supersonic cruise missile, BrahMos, is being developed with Russia as a private joint-venture. BrahMos is a multi-platform cruise missile enabling it to strike from various types of land, sea and air-based platforms. It is among the fastest supersonic cruise missiles in the world with speeds ranging between Mach 2.5 – 2.8. BrahMos is a ‘fire and forget’ weapon, requiring no further guidance from the control centre once the target has been assigned and it is launched.


Q.    Nirbhaya

AN:  Nirbhay – A supplement to the BrahMos is the Nirbhay-a subsonic missile using a terrain-following navigation system to reach up to 1,000 kms. It is capable of being launched from multiple platforms on land, sea and air. Nirbhay will be a terrain hugging, stealth missile capable of delivering 24 different types of warheads depending on mission requirements.



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