DMPQ: What is law commission? Outline its importance. (Polity)

Law commission is neither a constitutional nor a statutory body. It is truly an ad hoc and advisory body whose work is to do research and make recommendations for law reforms such as amendments and updations of prevalent and inherited laws. None of these recommendations are binding on the government.

Composition of the law commission is decided by the central government. According to convention, generally retired judge of SC head’s India’s Law commission.


Importance of Law commission:

  1. It recommend repeal, revision and updating of the inherited laws to serve the changing needs of the country.
  2. Various law commissions have been able to make important contributions towards the progressive development and codification of laws of the country.
  3. The law commission reports often have been critical of government policies. It also got recognition from Supreme court.
  4. Supreme court often in their judgement use the recommendation of Law commission.
  5. Useful for academic and research purpose.


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