DMPQ- What do you mean by “ Inclusive governance”? What are the components of Inclusive governance?

Inclusive Governance covers social and economic inclusion with good governance

Parts of Inclusive Governance

  • Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) have played an irreplaceable role in fuelling the growth of the Indian economy and have made a noteworthy contribution towards supporting the government’s agenda of extending financial inclusion
  • District Planning Committee to consolidate the plans prepared by the Panchayats and the Municipalities in the district and to prepare a draft development plan for the district as a whole for social inclusion.
  • By Increasing, government spending on public health by number of government schemes make citizens more social inclusion.
  • Mid-day Meal Scheme programme supplies free lunches on working days for children in primary and upper primary classes in government, government-aided, local body, Education Guarantee Scheme, and alternate innovative education centers, Madarsa and Maqtabs.


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