DMPQ- National Tribal Research Conclave

Ministry of Tribal affairs is funding 26 Tribal Research Institutes (TRIs) for research under Grant to TRIs and is engaged in quality research in collaboration with reputed Government and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) spread over the country.
Research by TRIs should focus on future development of Tribals and help achieve the goal of ‘Mera Van Mera Dhan Mera Udhyam’
Tribals have vast traditional knowledge of treating diseases with locally available medicinal plants. In order to protect this knowledge, which is fast vanishing, Patanjali Research Institute has been given pilot project for research on Tribal Healers and Medicinal Plants in Uttarakhand. Similar projects have been given to AIIMS-Jodhpur, Parvara Institute of Medical Science and Mata Amritamai Institute for Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Kerala.

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