DMPQ: Discuss the steps taken by government of India for the upliftment of women farmers. (economy)

:  with the increase in the feminisation of work force there is a need to give major attention to women farmers. As empowerment will help to amplify their position in social fabric.  The inequality in the land holding pattern can be gauged from the following statistic that only 12.8% of the total operational land holding is held by women.

Steps taken by GoI:

  1. Earmarking at least 30% of the budget allocation for women beneficiaries in all ongoing schemes programmes and development activities.
  2. Initiating women centric activities to ensure benefits of various beneficiary oriented programs/ schemes reach them.
  3. Focusing on women self help groups to connect them to micro-credit through capacity building activities and to provide information and ensuring their representation in different decision making bodies.
  4. Recognising the critical role of women in agriculture, the ministry of agriculture and farmers welfare declared 15th October of every year as women’s farmers day.



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