DMPQ- . Discuss the linkages between terrorism and organized crime.

Money through money laundering is used to fund the terror organisations. Hawala transactions of real estate in India are said to be used by terror groups in Pakistan to fund its activities.

Drug trafficking started as an organised crime and has emerged as a threat to nation states because of its association with terrorist groups. Taliban in Afghanistan is reportedly making some $100 million a year from drugs. Terrorists give protection and support to drug traffickers with fire arms, and the drug traffickers, being acquainted with the routes, assist the terrorists in border crossings.

Large amount of illegal small arms are manufactured in various illegal arms factories in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and sold on the black market for cheap prices. The illegal arms trafficking aids terrorists operating around the world and it is central to the global war on terror.

Terrorist organisations not only utilise human trafficking for financial support, they also use to obtain an entry point into countries. The slave trade is currently a multi billion industry built on demand for single product i.e. fellow human beings.

Currency counterfeiting is one of the organised white collar crimes which has assumed serious proportions in growing terrorism globally. Beyond issues of intellectual property theft and consumer safety, there is the notion that counterfeit sales directly fund terrorist organisations.

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